My love for Crystalline Glazing (and sometimes hate)

During my under graduate studies as an art major at Houghton College, I spent more than enough time looking up various artists online.  One artist that I immediately fell in love with was Dale Chihuly.  He is a phenomenal glass artist with a real vision for color and form.  From that moment on I knew that I wanted to get into glass work, but I did not have the means for it.  Then one day when I was looking up other ceramic artists I came across what I thought was glass only to discover it was indeed clay and the glaze was high fired macro-crystalline.  I was definitely intrigued at that point so I decided I would give it a shot.   It had never been done at my school before but I really wanted to try it, so I bought a book and did a lot of research on the process.  The whole process is rather fascinating, and quite involved! I set to work mixing my own glazes (5 different glazes) and gave it a shot. The first firing was pathetic – they looked so ugly! But I had to try it again.  It turned out that one of the elements in the bottom of the kiln were damaged and therefore prevented the kiln from properly heating up.  By the second firing my glazes came out successfully.  It was so rewarding to see after hours of reading and research, as well as the time that went into mixing and balancing my glaze recipes.  I did a few more firings after that to make sure my glazes had formulated properly and to also make a couple tweaks in my firing cycle.  These were a few pieces from my first successful firing.

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  • Andrew

    This looks great, Arryn! I’m so proud of you 😀ReplyCancel

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