A personal update

I am off to a very new start in my life as well as a new phase of life.  I was recently married to my wonderful husband, Andrew Vogan, just 2 months ago.  To be prescise, we were married December 12.  The ceremony took place at my home church back in Maryland at Severna Park Evangelical Presbyterian Church.  It was truly the most wonderful day of my life and it went perfectly.  Andrew and I met at college and started dating our freshman year.  We dated all through college and by second semester of our senior year, Andrew asked me to marry him.  I, of course, said yes!  It was very exciting and I was not expecting it at all since he proposed on HIS birthday!  So romantic… 

After a wonderful wedding day, shared with family and friends, we took off for a week long honeymoon in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  It was stunningly beautiful.  It was my first time to ever see water that blue and that clear.  When our week was over, we flew back to Maryland to spend Christmas with my family.  Then the day after Christmas we drove up to New York to spend some of our holiday with Andrew’s family.  They also threw us a “Northern Reception” so that close friends to celebrate with us who weren’t able to travel down to Maryland.  It was very nice and we had a great time.  After a few days in New York it was time to make the drive to our new home in New Hampshire.  Needless to say, it has been a time of transition.  It has been both blissful and hard:  saying goodbye  my family was no easy task.  Newlywed life has proven itself to be wonderful.  New England has grown on me more and more each day and I am loving our little apartment. 

Dancing to Ray LaMontange's "You Are the Best"

Ohco Rios, Jamaica

Now, we are settling into a routine as Andrew is working full-time in the Young Life ministry and I am on the hunt for a good job.  I am aching to stay in the art community and am exploring my options.

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