In my hiatus from work, I have been able to enjoy a  lot of things I have missed.  One in particular has been reading!  I recently got a new library card and checked out Tracy Chevalier’s, Girl With a Pearl Earring. It is a novel based off of the portrait that Jan Vermeer painted of his maid.  So far it is really good and I am enjoying taking a look at art history again; even from a fictitious story.

I have finally unloaded my last box of books.  The box contained my art books, so I was anxious to get them out.  I’ve been reading up on Vermeer, Turner, and Ingres (some of my favorites).  Also adding to the mix, Dale Chihuly!  He is one amazing glass artist!  I’ve been wanting to read more on the great artists of our history, so this time off has been a great chance to do that.

As far as creating goes, I have not thrown since our wedding…so about 2 months!  I am aching to get on the wheel again and fire up the kiln.  The last project I did was making mugs for my wedding favors.

Wedding Favor Mug with our wedding bands (photo taken by: Mary Dougherty)

I made about 250 mugs for the wedding.  I threw each one using both white and brown stoneware.  Half of them were glazed at cone 10 in a gas kiln the other half were done at cone 6 in an electric kiln.  The glazes are cedar and Malcom Davis Shinos on the exterior, butter and alabaster white for the interior and rimmed in oribe.  I was so happy with how they turned out and the guests were super excited to receive them.  I made the stamp in the center of the mug:  as you can see, it is a stick figure boy and girl holding hands with a heart above them.  This was the personal touch on each of the mugs.  Andrew and I wrote lots of cards and letters to each other and he would draw this little picture when he signed his name.  So, I would do the same thing in return when I would write him a letter or card.  I decided to incorporate that into the mugs by making it a stamp.  Once it was on each of the mugs, I stained the grooves of the stamp with iron oxide and waxed a circle around each stamp so the bare clay would show like this.  It was a great project but while I was putting handles on the mugs I kept saying to myself, “What have I gotten myself into?!?!  I have so many things to be doing for the wedding and I decided to make mugs?!?!” In the end, I am really glad I kept with it.  Our hope was that as our guests use their mugs they will think of Andrew and I and remember to keep us and our marriage in their prayers.

(Our photographer for our wedding was Mary Dougherty:

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  • Michele Prince

    And I pray for you guys every time I use my mug–what a labor of love. Thanks!! MomReplyCancel

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