New Inspirations

vases drying and waiting to be bisqued
centerpiece vases drying before bisque

           My roommate from college came to visit me for my birthday yesterday and we had a great time catching up and strolling around downtown.  This was her first time to see where Andrew I are living and what our town is like and she loved it.  It also gave me the opportunity to go into some shops that I have never been in before.  It was wonderful to take advantage of a truly beautiful day and stroll around downtown.  I went into a shop called “Willow” and left there feeling very inspired.  This store was filled with unique home decor, jewelery, furniture, pottery, candles,  clocks, etc.  Not to mention a terrific sale corner!  I loved being surrounded by such creativity and vintage design (I LOVE Vintage).  When I left Willow I was feeling so inspired to get back to my own sketches and plans for new work, as well as new ideas to further explore.  I was definitely needing that little pick-me-up today.  I am going to sit down with my sketch book and watch this documentary film on the glass artist Dale Chihuly!


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