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I have been asked many times what my own dishes look like.  So, here they are and no I did not make them.  My husband, Andrew, and I registered for everyday china from Bed Bath and Beyond and I absolutely love them!  During the time of registry making, Andrew asked me if I would want to just make a complete set of dishes.  I thought about it for five minutes and then decided I wanted to register for a full set.   It is not that I am opposed to making dishware, in fact the idea is intriguing to me.  I would definitely make a full set for us in the future, but the biggest thing that came to mind was…If I break a dish I am not going to jump on the wheel and make a replacement right away.  I would put off actually making replacements for my own, until our set dwindled to an awkward number.  I figured why start off that way when I could have this beautiful set of everyday china, service for 12, by Sango.  I would be happy to make someone else dishware, and any replacements needed.  I think that is the issue; I would be making those pieces on commission and would have a different drive to get the work done efficiently.  One day, most definitely, I will make us a full set of custom dishes, but for now I am loving our set by Sango.                                                        




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  • Melody Martin

    I’m in the same boat. I would like to fill up empty wall space with my art, but it’s not exactly making me any money when it’s in my house! Nice dishes, even though you didn’t make them! Maybe some day we will be at the point when we can make stuff for ourselves.ReplyCancel

  • Andrew

    I like our dish set, too, hon! 😀 It was a good choice…but I still want you to make some dishes, too!ReplyCancel

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