The next steps for my studio

It has been so wonderful being back on the wheel since studying at Houghton.  Now that I am starting to accumulate pottery that has reached its “greenware” stage, they need to be bisque fired.  This will help by taking up less space on my shelf unit as well as strengthening my pots.  They are so fragile right now and I want them fired.  I have a few steps I need to take before I can load up the kiln to fire.  Since my studio is in the garage of a friend’s house, I am going to put up fire board on the walls behind the kiln.  I would rather be safe than sorry, especially in someone elses home!  Then, I am going to test fire my kiln to a bisque – I haven’t actually fired it yet!  My goal by the end of this month is to have the fire board in place and to have my first test fire.  Once I know that it is successful and working properly, then I will fire all of my greenware and set that aside to then be glazed. 

That brings me to my next phase.  I am ready to order my raw materials for glazing!  I need to do that.  I have held off long enough!  I have several glazes that I am going to mix up and test.  I need to make sure that the crystal growth is long enough and that they are actually developing in the glaze and adhering to the pot correctly.  Hopefully this will not be a long period of tests.  Then I will be ready to work from start to finish and fine tune along the way.  Here are a few samples of the glazes I will be working on:

Prussian CrystallineChocolate Crystalline


Copper Carbonate Rutile


Cobalt Crystalline

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