I am loving the Copper Crystalline!


Taper Candlestick Holder


I fired up the kiln again, this past Monday, for my second glaze firing.  This time I filled it with good pieces.  Since I did not have enough collecting dishes to contain the run-off from the glaze, I wasn’t able to fill the kiln as much as I wanted.  I fired up several candlesticks that were a special order for Candice as well as 60 tiles.  Remember all those tiles I posted about earlier that I had hand-cut?  Well, here they are.  I can’t wait to reveal what I am planning on doing with them.  My dad and I are combining our crafts for a really neat product.  Stay tuned for the big reveal on that one.  It won’t come until after Thanksgiving.  My next projects include making more Moroccan lanterns, glazing and finishing them, making more tiles, ordering more clay (I am down to my last 25 lbs), and purchasing my diamond lap-grinder, and cut-off tools to truly finish my pieces.  Today, I am working on reloading items for sale on my etsy site.  If you are interested in purchasing pieces, you can check out my etsy site at:  arrynvogan.etsy.com.  Later this afternoon would be the best time to check it out, since I will be spending some time updating what I have for sale.  Have a great Thursday!

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