Waxing, Glazing and “Err–“

Recently I have been organizing and cleaning in the studio. I am preparing to move back into the garage for the spring and summer, but am waiting until I know for sure we are in the clear of cold and snow. This is New England after all and you never know! I think within a week or two I will make the move again. Once I do that, I will have some serious cleaning to do in the basement involving the wet vac! Bartells, you will have the corner of the basement back soon! Part of organizing has been arranging all of the bisque ware that needs to be glazed and fired. I have lots of inventory to glaze, which is great, and it is stacked on top of the table, below the table and below the work bench too.

Here is what’s in the line-up to glaze: pitchers, plates, bowls, mugs, extra large mugs, wedding platter, serving bowl, extra large centerpiece bowl, earring holders, candle pots, candle pot minis, love-line candle pots and love-line covered jars. I think I represented all and there are multiples of each!

Yesterday I started to glaze and didn’t get very far when I realized that I needed to mix more glaze. I mixed up a double batch of copper crystalline glaze (2,000 grams) and then a 1,000 gram batch of the non-crystalline satin white glaze. (This is the glaze I used for the inside of the mugs and bowls in my post about the dish set I completed.) When I was in the garage mixing glaze, I happened to notice that the screen on my kiln was reading, “Err–“. Usually the “Err” message has a number behind it, indicating the source of the problem. This had nothing but two dashes behind it. I turned the switch off, waited a few minutes, then turned it back on. “Err–“. I tried pressing other buttons and there was no response. It is as if the computer panel is frozen on the kiln. It won’t respond to anything which has made me sort of panicky. If the kiln won’t respond, then I can’t fire. Not good. Worst scenario is I will have to replace the front panel which will be very expensive. I don’t want to do that. So, before I make any decisions about that I have a few things to try and a few support calls to make. I am praying the kiln will respond soon. In the meantime, I have LOTS to glaze!

Once this kiln is running again, I will have more to post on Etsy. Check out my shop here.

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