A Recap on Easter

This week has been very busy in the studio, despite a blog post since Monday. As I was looking though pictures from this past week and weekend, I smiled (and laughed out loud) at our pictures from Easter. Aside from Christmas and the celebration of Jesus’ birth, Easter is the most important holiday for me as a believer. It was through Christ’s death and resurrection that I am able to live fully and find hope in this broken world. Easter Sunday turned out to be a most beautiful day here in Exeter, NH and Andrew and I joyfully celebrated Christ’s resurrection with close friends who truly make us feel like family.

As Andrew took off early for the sunrise service, I rolled out of bed a bit later and got ready for church. I then headed over to the Bartell’s to pick up three of the four kids to take to Church. Poor Steven was pretty sick last week and had to stay home from Church, but the other three were ready to go and looking quite adorable. We piled in the car and headed to Church for the service leaving Anna to a quiet house and a more relaxing morning.

The kids were so great during the service and it was a great celebration with fabulous music too! After Church, Andrew and I brought the kids back home and had a few pictures taken before sharing a delicious dinner with the Bartell family. I hope you enjoy these. We were laughing so hard as you will be able to tell!



Anna, that was for you. You know just how funny this one really is too!





It was a great Easter. Thanks for being our photographer Chris. Andrew, I love you and I love how much fun we have together. We miss our family but were so grateful to spend Easter with friends that feel like family!

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