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In an earlier post, I gave you a preview to a wedding platter I had been working on.  I now have the completed platter to share with you, but it was no easy feat! I actually made this platter three times due to breakage!  Yes, it was very frustrating but, as always, I learned a lot along the way.  The first platter I made cracked during the initial drying stage.  It cracked right down the middle of the platter.  That was because the rim of the plate was drying out (and shrinking) at a faster rate than the center, creating uneven pressure in the center and forcing a crack.  I threw another one and it survived the drying stage.  When I pulled it out of the bisque kiln, half of the rim was cracked away from the center of the plate.  After allowing myself to panic for a few seconds and stare aimlessly at the plate with angry words running through my head, I hit the wheel to throw a third plate!  This one successfully made it and I am happy to say it was the best of the three I made.

When I was making this platter, I wanted to keep it versatile in its use.  The crystal formations came out so beautiful (I am always surprise when I open the kiln) so it can be used just for home decor or on your table as a nice serving piece.  There are a couple options for display.  One would be to use a plate stand like this one.  You can stand it anywhere or even mount the stand on your wall and hang the plate that way.  The other way would be to hang it by a nail on the wall.  When I trimmed the platter, I carved out a spot for a nail  so it could be hung that way if so desired.

I am working on a few other wedding platters for people now and look forward to posting the final images as well.  The platters range in size from 13″ to 18″.  If you are interested in ordering one for an upcoming wedding I would love to be in touch with you about it.  Check out my “Pricing” page on this blog for more information.  If you are interested in placing an order, keep in mind to allow six weeks for completion.  If I can get it done sooner, which is always my goal, that will be to your benefit.

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