Weddings and a Platter for Two

Wedding season is definitely here and I have been busy making wedding platters.  They have been a lot of fun to create, but have also been very frustrating!  As of now, they have a 50% survival rate which I am desperately working hard to lower!  In all things, however, I am learning methods that work and don’t work try and perfect a piece for the next time.  This platter here was created for Bobby and Becca McColl, who just got married on Saturday.  Becca was my roommate in college, so this was a special project for me.

Bobby is Scottish, so he and his groomsmen all wore their formal kilts.  His tartan was royal blue with accents of red, lighter blues and black.  The bridesmaid dresses were royal blue and Becca also loves the color, so it was an easy pick when it came to glazing their platter.

I was so excited to pull this platter out of the kiln!  The blues on this platter came out so bright and bold!  The crystal formations against the smooth navy solid reminded me of a birds-eye-view of the ocean and its coral growth beneath the surface.

This platter can be used for service, displayed on a plate stand like this, or even hung on the wall.  The backside of the platter has a built-in hanger for a nail.  Enjoy, Bobby and Becca!

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