Boothbay & a Day at the Beach

Maine is a beautiful state!  We have been having a lot of fun here as a family and the break from work has been much-needed on all ends I think.  Monday and Tuesday were spent exploring Boothbay Harbor and then a day at the beach.  Boothbay was a really fun town on a beautiful setting.  Since we were threatened with rain and thunderstorms, we decided to save the beach for another day and explore the town a bit.  It ended up being a beautiful day!

Mom and I had so much fun trying on all these crazy sun glasses!

Another shop we went in had these “goldfish” guitars.  The store owner let Andrew try out the “clownfish” with the amp.  My favorite one was the bonefish skeleton guitar in the window.  They looked like a lot of fun and are probably great for traveling with!

Andrew has his own bar...who knew?

On our way back home we had a wild turkey spotting.  They were hilarious!  One ran across the road, so we stopped quickly and then saw a whole cluster of them.  Mom and I got out of the car to take pictures, but ended up chasing them.  They sounded so funny gobbling away!  We have now seen turkeys, chipmunks, seals, and porpoises.  We still want to see a moose and a bobcat (maybe, on the bobcat…like from a distance and I want him to be scared easily)!

Wednesday we spent the day at Birch Point Beach.  Their rocky beach was so beautiful, but the temperatures were NOT like the Outer Banks!  The temperature was between 60 and 62 degrees!  The natives called it “refreshing” and actually swam.  The not-so-natives (us) went in up to our knees and said, “yikes”!  Andrew and Austin did the plunge (Austin twice), Mom braved the water and swam, and I mostly waded and then quickly dipped up to my neck.  So cold!

Andrew proved to be quite impressive at skipping rocks

We climbed all over these rocks, it was a blast.  This last picture is right before Andrew and Austin ran and plunged into the water.  I do have it on video.  I was laughing a lot when they came out of the water.  Andrew’s toes cramped up from the cold, he could barely walk!  He was giving me that laugh that is also a grimace.  He seriously could not move his toes!  

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