Oh, Irene!

In response to Hurricane Irene, I did some serious moving in my studio.  When I say “I”, I really mean my husband Andrew, and our friend Chris!  They, so kindly, moved my kiln off the floor stand and onto these saw horses to avoid any possible flood damage.  I also took the precaution to move my wheel off the garage floor and any other tools that could have been damaged by flood waters.  Andrew and I also spent the afternoon helping prepare the Bartell’s basement for flooding by clearing the floor.  When all was said and done, we sat down to a delicious dinner that Anna made and waited for the storm to hit.  Of course the storm changed directions and we were barely hit.  Just lots of wind and rain.  The rain did not even last that long.  I am definitely not complaining though!  I know some of you out there were hit hard and I hope you are recovering well from flooding and any other damage the hurricane might have caused.  At least I took the precautions.  If I hadn’t, the garage definitely would have flooded and my equipment would be damaged.  That’s how things go sometimes, right?

I will say, we did lose power for a half hour.  We were watching the movie, “Witness”, and the power went off as the end credits rolled.  What timing, Irene!  We sat there laughing in disbelief that we actually finished the whole movie and then lost power.  We had a candlelight dinner and then the power came back on.

It looks like a glorious day here in Exeter, NH!  We are on the watch for unusual high tides…as most coastal towns are too.  I have a lot of trimming of plates to do today, throwing pedestal rings, and figuring out what else can be done for my kiln.  I am getting so fed up with this whole kiln saga!

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