Daily Cup o Joe

A long while ago, over the summer, friends of ours commissioned me to create two mugs for their daily use.  Of course my kiln went down during the midst of everything, so they have been waiting a long time.  I am happy to share they are done and ready to be shipped off!

I wanted to create their mugs after the beer stein shape and I am calling it the coffee stein.  Nate wanted the UMC Cross on his mug and Stef wanted birds.  The outsides are both glazed in cobalt crystalline and the insides are glazed in a black non-crystalline.  These were fun to create.  I was just told to put birds on one and the cross on another, so I had creative liberties with the rest.  I hope you like them Nate and Stef.  They will be on Etsy later today to complete the order and get them shipped to you this week!


I actually had to make these mugs twice.  The first go round was great up until the glaze firing.  When the mugs were glazed they were both, well, ruined!  Stef’s mug had glaze that ran down over all the bird carvings.  Nate’s mug tilted in the kiln and all the glaze ran over the foot of the mug with kiln brick stuck to the bottom.  It was so bad that I wasn’t able to take off the brick without taking some pottery off with it.  Here is what happened to the first two.

These two are down and ready to go!  Feel free to put them in the dishwasher and the microwave – they hold up very well!  I hope they last a long time and you enjoy them for a long time!


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