Time is Ticking

Well, more like taking a break or ticking more slowly for me.  I love being home for Christmas and spending a nice long visit with my family.  It is great to truly have a break from work.  I feel like it has been a long time since I have had a true break where I didn’t feel the load of work looming above me!  I completed my work within my deadlines and that feels so good!  Now that Christmas is past, I can finally share my most recent project:  wall clocks.

I made two of these, for the first time, as gifts this Christmas.  One was for my brother, Ian, and the other was for my mother-in-law.  I am always looking for a new idea to try out in the studio and one of those happened to be a clock.  It is the crystals that you really want to see and have displayed, so I thought about different ways to do just that with a touch of functionality.  I developed a new glaze, which I am calling “Navy Crystalline”.  This glaze is featured on the clock above which was given to my brother.  I love the deep dark blues that almost look black with a halo of dark turquoise around the edges of the crystals.  For the numbers on the clock, I made circular tiles that were glazed in cobalt crystalline and then glued on to the clock face after they were fired.   I am glad I went with the two tones of blue.

The second clock (my mother-in-law’s) was glazed in the popular copper green crystalline.  The round number tiles were glazed in rutile crystalline.  These were really fun to try out and assemble as they came out of the kiln.  I bought the clock mechanism at Michael’s Craft Store and found different styles of clock hands sold there too.  These silver ones were my favorite and they looked a little more ornate to go along with the detail in the crystal growth.  The silver seems to “pop” nicely against the glaze as well, especially the navy clock.  I definitely want to keep creating clocks and have them be apart of my current work and start having them for sale on Etsy.  I will be starting these once I am back to work in the new year!

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