These are two pitchers that were commissioned for this past Christmas.  The one to the right was glazed in copper crystalline and the one to the left was glazed in cobalt and navy crystalline.  I love the blue one, mainly because of how dramatic the colors and crystals turned out!  That navy glaze really is wonderful.  I have only just started to use it more commonly (now that I have established it as a new and consistent glaze) and I love it!  These did make it in time for Christmas, so I hope they are already getting put to good use.  I wish I could see how all of my pieces are being used once they are bought or ordered…that would be fun to see and hear about.  Some of you have actually sent me pictures of your pieces being used in your homes.  Thank you!  I love getting to share in that.  Anyways, I hope you are all off to a great week and enjoy these pitchers.


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