Ovals for Greg & Sheri

Oh my, it has been a while since I have been writing on here!  Last week I took a break from work and blogging while I did some traveling and celebrating with my husband.  First we went to Lake Champion, (an awesome Young Life camp in NY) where Andrew had staff training for his work this summer.  After being there for a couple of days, we continued on to the Buffalo area to be with my in-laws for our first baby shower!  It was a blast and we got a lot of cute baby things.  I can’t wait to use them.  It was an extra special visit since my mom was able to fly in from MD for the weekend and share in the baby fun with us.  We also got to celebrate my husband’s 25th birthday with lots of family and great food.  We spent the day driving back home to NH where we hit the ground running:  we had Young Life club that night, so we were pretty tired when we were finally home to settle.  Yesterday was spent unpacking, cleaning, organizing and making room for baby!  We rearranged our room to create a nook for the baby in the corner of our room.  It feels good to be able to nest and have a space to call our nursery.  Now, it is time to jump back into work before I really take a break when the baby comes!

I mailed off another commission yesterday for friends back in Maryland.  Greg and Sheri are a great couple and they wanted to order something special that would fit their tastes.  They wanted oval dinner platter/plates with a personalized inscription along with mugs.  I had never made an oval platter before, but I think these turned out really well.  These were glazed in copper crystalline (with some pretty awesome and huge crystals, I might add) and are ready to be used!  Greg and Sheri, I hope you enjoy your special pieces and get a lot of use out of them for a really long time!

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