36 Weeks

4 More weeks to go!

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  • Julie Vogan

    You look beautiful Arryn! Ahhh! It’s getting so close! And the names are picked?? I can’t wait to hear! In “due time!” hahaha
    Mom VReplyCancel

  • Laura

    I love the pictures!! Wow I’m so excited for you =)ReplyCancel

  • Michele Prince

    Thanks for allowing all of us to be a part of this journey with you through your blog. I have loved it, especially since there are so many miles between us preventing us from frequent visits. I love your nursery 🙂 Love the pastel owl drawing, too. Can’t wait. Love you, Mom.ReplyCancel

    • It has been a joy to do. I am glad that I have kept up with it as well. So excited for you to be here in just a few more weeks to meet the baby and help out and then to have Dad and the Uncles come up too! Love you!ReplyCancel

  • What a sweet picture, Arryn! You look ready! Can’t wait to hear the news – do you think its a boy or girl?ReplyCancel

    • I tend to think it is a boy…but I am almost afraid to say it out loud! 🙂ReplyCancel

      • You look like you’re ‘all belly’ and carrying high and in front, which old wives tales say, that’s signs of a boy. Also if his/her heartbeat was on the slower end, it may be a boy and on the higher end is a girl -so they say… but isn’t it being a surprise so great!?!? So happy you decided on names too… Avery came a month early so it’s good we had that decided ahead of time.ReplyCancel

        • Was Avery a surprise or did you know he was a boy? It does feel good to have some names chosen.ReplyCancel

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