Winding Down

What is on the docket for this week?  Well, I am winding down my work load.  I am finishing my final commissions this week so I will feel like I can take the break when baby comes.  I have been talking to the baby a lot about timing.  I told the baby I would greatly appreciate if he or she did not come until after this week.  I have a lot I want to get done this week to actually feel “ready” for the baby to come.  Of course, all timing is in God’s hands.  I know the baby will come in perfect time, but I would just like to make it through this week.  I have three firings scheduled for this week which will complete my commissions!  Whoo-hoo!  That will feel so good to have completed.  I am not planning on taking any new commissions until September.  (If this totally bums you out, just send me a message.  We can talk.)  I will most likely be taking the month of June off; most of it at least, to just enjoy our baby and our life that will be turned upside down.  In July, I hope to get back into work and be preparing for another fall show in Maryland and possibly my first one in New York.  That is my hope and plan.  We shall see how life goes at that point and what I am able to accomplish.  I am continuing to work on my installation piece, The Jeremiah Tree, for ArtPrize as well as working on some other studio projects that are just for me at my own pace.  In a way I am a bit sad to know I will be stopping work for a while, simply because I love what I do.  I know, however, I am not going to be sad in the least when I am holding my baby in my arms.  I will gladly take the break!  For that, I am looking forward to it.

So, what is on the rest of my “to do” list before the baby comes?

  • finish final commissions and mail them out
  • change out my winter clothes for my spring/summer (check!)
  • wash all baby clothes and bedding
  • pack my bag for the hospital
  • make up crib and dresser for baby
  • finish all baby shower thank you notes
  • clean & maintain the floors, bathroom, bedroom and dust
  • purchase last-minute baby needs and hospital stay needs
  • find pediatrician for our baby

Not too daunting of a list, but enough to work through.  I know my excitement and anticipation will only increase as each of these gets checked off the list.  I am hoping to get most, if not all, of these things done this week.  So, hang in there baby!


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  • Jeanne Beans

    Beautiful mug, Arryn. I love having coffee with you in the morning as I sip from one that has been created by your hands.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you Mrs. Beans! I am glad you enjoy it so much. That is really nice (and encouraging) to hear.ReplyCancel

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