A Versatile Piece

One piece that I have really enjoyed making over this year has been a rectangular tray.  I love mixing in a straight edged piece in a collection of round, wheel-thrown pieces.  It just adds some diversity and interest to the eye.  What I love about the rectangular tray is its versatility.  There are so many ways you could use a tray like this:  home decor, tea caddy, make-up tray, serving food, sushi, etc.  Here are a few that recently came out of the kiln.  You will be able to find them up on my Etsy shop later today.  If you are interested, be sure to stop in my shop and take a look.

The Make-up Tray

I use Bare Minerals make-up.  I love the quality of it and that my face never feels “painted” when I wear it.  If you use this brand of make-up then you know what the containers look like.  I was tired of fishing around for the right one in my little bag when I needed it.  When I did find the right one, I would open the lid and the powder would be all over the place.  I needed a flat surface to hold those little containers that would be easier to manage and let me see just what I had.  That is when I decided to create the “make-up tray”.  The first one I made, was for myself and I still am using it.  It is the perfect way to find what I am looking for and keep it all organized.

Food Service

Are you a sushi lover?  This tray is a perfect size for sushi!  (I am not a fan of sushi…I know, I know.  Shame.)  I do, however, love the look of sushi and its whole presentation.  This tray would be great for other things like appetizers, a bread plate for your table, little candies, cupcakes, desserts, you name it.  If you are having guests over for dinner this would be a fun little tray to bring out to your guests with cookies on it as you serve up the coffee.  Cookies are what I have decided to feature on the tray.  I made a household favorite the other day; snickerdoodles.  If you have never had these, you need to.  They are so delicious!  Also, if you are looking for a great recipe…send me a message or leave me a comment letting me know you want the recipe.  Trust me, they are worth every bite!

Tea Caddy

My husband and I enjoy an afternoon cup of tea (or coffee).  When it works out, we like to sit out on our little patio set and enjoy a moment of calm.  (Sadly this does not happen every day, but I sure love those afternoons when it does happen.)  I love having a tray like this to lay down your tea bag and spoon, or to help you bring out your cream and sugar.  I think it makes “tea time” feel that much more special and fun!  Of course that is the girly side of me and the “dish-lover” side of me as well.  I think Andrew appreciates it too, or else he just humors me.

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