Sorbet Cups & Caramel Plates

I am not officially back to work full-time, but I am going to ease back into my work as I can.  I had said I was not going to do work the month of June, however, I have kiln firings to keep up with.  Yesterday, my husband and my dad came over to the studio with me to help move my greenware pieces out to the garage so I could load them into the kiln to bisque.  It took about an hour to get everything sanded for the firing, moved to the garage and loaded into the kiln.  I was starting to feel a bit stressed about the work I needed to get done within my tight timeframe.  It feels good to have that firing going.

Anyways, this little set came out of the kiln before Noah was born.  It was originally a commissioned set.  When they came out of the kiln, there were hardly any crystals that had formed and four out of the six bowls had broken.  It was pretty upsetting to open the kiln and see that, but these pieces that survived have really grown on me.  I love their caramel color and subtle turquoise crystals that sprouted occasionally.  I am thinking of posting them for sale on Etsy because they are in great shape.  The crystal formations were the only thing that didn’t come out as hoped.  My favorite pieces are the little bowls.  They are the perfect size for sorbet!  (In fact, I made homemade lemon-berry sorbet which is in those little bowls.  Very yummy!)

See, aren’t they a great size for sorbet?  They also make a great rice bowl.  I have since, remade this order and delivered it.  They look a lot different, but they are the right glaze and what was originally desired.  Maybe you will see these pieces on my Etsy shop soon.  Poke around on there if you would like!  I hope your weeks are off to a good start!

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  • Oh my goodness! I can’t believe you’re back in action already. Way to go, Arryn! I saw pictures of baby Noah. Congratulations! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Even though you had a lot of disappointments in this set, what with crystals not forming and pieces getting broken, I think these might be me favorites of your’s so far! I love the colours and the shapes of those bowls are perfect.ReplyCancel

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