A Month Away




Andrew, Noah and I are away for the month and living at Saranac Lake.  We are here for both work and play.  Andrew is on staff with Young Life and this summer he was given an assignment to work at one of the camps for a full month.  So, we packed up the car and hit the road about a week ago!  I think I can accurately say that Noah had more things packed for him than Andrew and I combined!  This place is truly an amazing place to be.  If I am going to have to be somewhere for a month, I am glad it is here.  I will say that I have been struggling a bit with the fact that I am missing this whole month of getting studio work done.  I will hit the ground running when I get back home, as fall is my busiest time of the year; right through the holidays.  I am trying to not stress about all the work I am not getting done, but rather just enjoying my time here at Saranac and being with Noah.

It was a six-hour drive for us, which was Noah’s longest time in the car.  He did amazingly well.  He pretty much slept the whole time.  We stopped twice for him to eat and get a diaper change.  It was the last seven minutes of the car ride, he cried.  That – I can handle!  I was pumping in the car under my little nursing cover so that when we did make the stop to feed Noah, I could just give him a bottle and speed up the whole process.  I really didn’t want a six-hour ride to turn into a nine-hour ride!  This was our last stop on the road to Saranac.  Such a beautiful drive and this was the perfect stop for a bottle!





I have an update coming on the Jeremiah Tree project as well as some other studio work.  I am going to try to keep up with those while I am here and give some updates on our days here at Saranac as well.  Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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  • Avi

    Cute Kid, Cute parents!!!
    One suggestion for a trip like this is to take some clay and do sturdy hand-built pieces. If you pack them fairly well they will survive the trip home.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished tree.
    Have Fun,

  • Oh… and love the hands picture. One of my favorite subjects (see link)ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    Wow love these pictures =) Are you all up in New York on Saranca Lake…not sure if there is more than one? Cindy and her family live up there now too! You guys should totally get together, I know she would love the company!ReplyCancel

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