Black is Back


I am still working on developing a really good black crystalline glaze and I think I am finally getting there!  I am a part of this really great online crystalline glaze forum that has helped me along the way.  There are a lot of wonderful artists on there who have given me some great tips and pointers.  I love seeing their work on there as well.  It can definitely be humbling at times to get on there with my questions and images, but I am grateful for the resource!  This is my latest test run for black crystalline.  I want to keep working on it to get it even more black, but I really love the way this has turned out.  It is, however, hard to photograph.

These are also the largest crystals I have ever grown!  They are so sweet and the texture is actually really smooth!  I want to try this glaze again but increasing the percentage of manganese by a little bit for the next test.  I need to try this out on a vertical surface as well.  Cool things are going to happen…I hope.




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  • Michele Prince

    This is so different. I love it! Love all the different colors that are layered in there. Some of it almost looks like an animal skin.ReplyCancel

  • So cool! The plate looks like it’s growing and alive with all the crystals. Pretty cool, Arryn! How is juggling Noah and work?ReplyCancel

    • juggling Noah and work has been a challenge. Andrew is a great help to me when it comes to studio time. It is crazy how much I miss him when I am away working. I am sure you experience that yourself. That is a long day to be away.ReplyCancel

      • YES! All day at work I just keep chugging along because the faster the day goes by, the sooner I get to see Avery! I’d love to work part-time and spend more time with him, maybe some day. But for now he’s getting some great time with other kiddos and his new daycare is a preschool so they have a curriculum, outdoor play, etc. he’s really benefiting from it so I don’t feel too guilty…ReplyCancel

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