Laguna Glaze

When I opened the door on Monday, I was greeted by this little package.  It traveled to me from Ohio.  Inside were six different colors of low-fire glazes.  I normally make all my own glazes, so what are these for?  These are for the owl banks!  As the banks were bisque fired, I was looking at the bottoms of the banks and notices that the foot of each bank was ever so slightly concave.  Since crystalline glazes run right off the pot, I need pedestals and collecting dishes for each pot that is fired.  This allows the glaze to run off and pool in the dish and not hurt my kiln.  When the piece is removed from the kiln, the pedestals is knocked off the pot and the foot is ground smooth.  Well, this whole process would be a nightmare with any foot that is not perfectly flat for a pedestal to seal over.  I would have glaze all over the bottom of the banks and they would look terrible after trying to clean them up.  To avoid that whole mess, I decided I wanted to just order a small batch of glazes for the banks.  These will fire to cone 06 and I can use several colors per bank.  I think they are going to look really whimsical and funky!

Production in the studio has come to a stand still, well the firing has, because I have been in desperate need of new heating elements for my kiln.  I ordered them two weeks ago, if not longer, and they are finally in!  I got the call this afternoon.  Hopefully tomorrow I will be heading into Portland, ME to pick up my elements and another 500 pounds of clay!  The owl banks are aching to be fired!

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