Thermocouple Swap

After replacing my Elements about two weeks ago(already?), I realized I was foolish to not also order a new thermocouple.  I was thinking back on when I last replaced it and realized it was a year ago!  It is a miracle that my kiln was even firing at all!  I was afraid to see what my thermocouple looked like when I removed it…sure enough it looked like a charred piece of charcoal.  When I received my new thermocouple in the mail, I was a bit surprised by its appearance.  It was different looking from the one that was in my kiln.  I also noticed that it came with instructions, which I did not receive that last time I had it replaced.  I soon realized this was because they changed the model of my thermocouple and sent along new wiring.  I had to remove the old wiring from the control panel and replace it with the new.  Everything is now in place.  All that is left to do is cut back the protruding wires from the elements and screw the control panel back into place and then give a test fire.  I am going to fire it up to 1000 degrees as quickly as it can climb and then let it cool naturally.  This will allow for any and all oils to burn off the elements and thermocouple.  Then I am hitting the ground running with several kiln loads already spoken for!  First a bisque or two, then I will be glaze firing like a mad-woman!  It is about time, too!  I have a lot of exciting things to send through the kiln and I am anxious to share them.  (Here is a picture comparing my old thermocouple with the new one.  Yikes!!)

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  • Julie Vogan

    Wow! That looks tricky ! You’re an electrician too, I see! You’re father must be proud! =)ReplyCancel

  • Andrew

    I was so proud of you for doing this! 🙂 You’re turning into quite the handy one 😉ReplyCancel

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