Dr. Who

I received an e-mail last December from and old friend about a commission idea he had for a Tardis Mug.  A Tardis what?  That was my response.  I am usually pretty confident in my abilities to work with clay and create just about anything…even if it takes me a few tries.  This piece, however, left me stumped until I was given a link to an image.  This piece is inspired by the show Dr. Who.  Since it was Christmas season, I was done taking on new commissions until the new year and my friend insured me that this piece was in no rush at all and I could take my time with it.  Well, time I did take.  Normally I request for a 6 to 8 week period to complete all commissions but this one took a year.  His patience was wonderfully appreciated since I was pregnant and prepping for a couple of big shows, doing a lot of traveling, giving birth to my son, adjusting to motherhood and balancing studio work and then getting ready for Christmas!  It has been a whirlwind this year.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing either!  With all that being said, the Tardis Mug is complete and traveling through the mail.  Since my glazing technique is different from most, this is a non-traditional Tardis Mug.  I hope it is enjoyed!




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  • Monique

    I love it! Apparently, you’re not a Dr. Who fan, but we’re out there! Will you be making any more? Let me know, and also let me know how much $$. These would definitely sell on ESTY!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks Monique. This is not an item I am going to be making on hand. This was a special order. I will make more for special orders, but not as a line item.ReplyCancel

  • Jen from MD

    Awesome work Arryn, I love your version of the TARDIS! Could you use the “paints” that you used on your owl banks to make a TARDIS with the blue/white colors of the original as well?ReplyCancel

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