It’s Personal

Dinnerware, teapots, earring trees, cream and sugar sets, wedding platters, etc.  I am constantly throwing product.  I’m throwing what sells and what customers want.  While I take pride in my work and joy in what I create, I also know it is important to throw for myself.  Creating and selling specific product is part of business and I actually really enjoy it.  I love my job!  I would, however, feel very “stuck” if I never created pieces for myself.  Right now I am working on a series of small-mouthed bottles.  These are purely for artistic pleasure.  Having a side project that is just for myself is an incredibly important part of growing and staying fresh as an artist.  I think many of you fellow artisans out there can attest to this.  It keeps me from feeling mundane in my work and allows my creative juices to flow and gives me a good challenge.  I often think back to my undergrad studies at Houghton and the many hours spent in the art building:  in particular, the ceramics studio.  We were constantly encouraged and pushed to think outside the box and create, to really hone in on our skills and push ourselves to that next level.  I never want to stop doing that for myself as an artist.  My personal projects are the bottles.  I want them to be a whole range of sizes and shapes and to be able to showcase my crystalline glazes.  Here is a peek at the first of the bottles.  This one stands around 9 inches tall.  I am excited for this new week and for what it will bring in the studio!


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