Soup Season

I could easily live off of soup and bread.  Soup and a good piece of crusty bread.  Yum!  Andrew and I  received, for our wedding, an amazing soup tureen.  Ever since receiving that tureen three years ago, I have been wanting to make one on the wheel.  What held me back was the amount of clay necessary to throw something substantial like that.  It took 13 pounds of clay to make that soup tureen!  I am rather proud of that.  I have thrown with that much clay, successfully, only twice before.  Truth was, I didn’t have the arm strength to work that much clay on the wheel.  I will thank my son Noah for the ability to throw that much now.  Carrying around and 8 month old (officially tomorrow) will definitely build up the arm strength!  I was throwing soup mugs and large bowls yesterday and decided I should just go for it.  I should try my hand at that tureen.  I can’t keep writing it down on my “to throw” list if I am never going to cross it off.  Well, it was crossed of yesterday!  13 pounds of clay – done.  I also made a ladle for the tureen which I am really excited about.  I think it looks pretty neat.  Now I just need to throw a lid for the tureen and trim it before it is ready to visit the kiln.  Here’s a look at the pieces.



soup 1


soup 2

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  • Oh my, I might have to buy this! Or order one sometime. I’ve been wanting a soup tureen for so long, soup is our absolute favorite this time of year. Beautiful work, as always, Arryn!ReplyCancel

  • Michele Prince

    Gorgeous! And the ladle is fabulous – unique and fun; it looks like it will pour well, too.ReplyCancel

  • That is a fabulous looking piece! The ladle too. Very impressive.ReplyCancel

  • Very impressive. The ladle too!ReplyCancel

  • phyllis

    Arryn, what a beautiful piece. I have always wanted a soup tureen, as soup is a staple in our house three seasons each year. You may have to make more of them, because I am going to hint big time to Doug to check out your work.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you so much! I definitely want to make some more of these now that I made one.ReplyCancel

  • Amazing…I am in awe of your talent!!!ReplyCancel

  • June Gurley

    Aaryn Your tureen and ladle are outstanding. I will need to talk to my “girls” about them and then I will get back to you. Hope all is well with your beautiful family.ReplyCancel

    • Thank you! I want to make a few of them. I threw the lid today for the tureen. I am really excited to finish the whole thing.ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly Piscadlo

    I cant believe your throwing that much clay!!!!! Brings me back to Ceramics1 when you first started throwing!!! Love it!!!ReplyCancel

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