Colden Coffee

Colden Coffee has partnered up with APV Pottery and will be proudly serving you at my MD spring show on April 20th.  Mike, small business owner of Colden Coffee, has roasted a special blend just for my show.  We have been chatting back and forth over the past few weeks about coffee service at my show and what kind of flavor I would like to serve.  I like my coffee to be rich in flavor and smooth in taste.  I think Mike has come up with a rather delicious roast.  A sample roast of beans came to the house on Saturday and Andrew and I were eager to make a pot and try it out.  The coffee smelled so good as it brewed.  Once it was ready, Andrew served it up in a couple of my mugs (I take mine with cream only) and gave it a taste…so yummy!  It really was a great cup of coffee!  I am excited to partner with Mike of Colden Coffee and share his coffee at the show!  Get Colden – Get Happy. (TM).

Here is a little window into Colden Coffee:

“Colden is a beautiful little town in the Appalachian foothills of New York, and it’s where we roast some of the most delicious coffee we think you’ll ever have.  All of our coffees meet at least one or more of the criteria:  Organic, Fair-Trade, or Farm-Gate sourced.”


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