Artist Spotlight: Luke McFadden

Luke contacted me about a month or so ago asking if I was having a MD show coming up.  I was, in fact, and told him I would send him an invite.  I remember Luke came to my first MD show in the fall of 2011.  Luke is a rather talented artist himself!  He asked me if it would be OK to exhibit some of his own work at my spring show this year.  I was surprised and impressed that he asked.  I was familiar with some of the work that he had done through images I had seen posted on Facebook.  Luke is a sculptor and a very talented one too!  I asked him to send along some images of his recent work and what he was hoping to exhibit.  I loved what I saw.  He has a keen eye to detail and skilled hands for sculpting.  I am sure he is gifted in other creative areas as well, but clay is the focus (which of course I love)!  Luke’s work has impressed his teachers at school and have won awards.

I asked Luke to share a little about himself, his work, and what he hopes to pursue after graduation:

I live in Pasadena Maryland with my mom and step dad and 2 sisters.  I go to Chesapeake high school as a junior.  The way I got into the arts was, when I was a freshman I got mistakenly put in a sophomore 3D art class and started to do the projects. The teacher thought I was good, so he let me stay in his class even though I was a year behind the rest of the class.  The hardest part of art and sculpture for me is trying to come up with things to create and making things look real, and also the glazing.  I won 2nd place in the Anne Arundel County (Senior) art show this year (but I’m a junior)!  When I get out of high school I want to be a commercial waterman on the Chesapeake Bay and maybe do art in the off season (winter).

Luke will be showing some of his awesome sculptures at my spring show, tomorrow!  Come support Luke and see his work in person!  As a reminder the show will be from 4:30-9:30, tomorrow April 20, at the Prince Residence.  256 Catalina Circle, Severna Park, MD 21146.

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