A Dapper Mustache Bash

Celebrating Noah’s first birthday over the weekend was wonderful and rather surreal.  It made me both happy and sad at the same time.  I have always heard parents say (mine in particular about my bothers and me) how fast the time goes by.  One year has flown by.  I don’t feel like it has been a blur, just gone by fast.  I have made the effort to really soak in my time with Noah.  I want to have the memories fresh in my mind of the first time I saw him and held him in the hospital, his first smiles, nursing and cuddling, his first little grunt of a laugh, crawling, climbing, cooing, babbling, and now taking his first steps.  The first year of life truly amazes me!  Noah went from this tiny newborn (to me he was) who just laid in my arms to this wonderfully happy and busy one year old.  He wants to explore everything and talk to me as he does it.  He is such a blessing to Andrew and me and I cannot thank God enough for his precious little life!

Friday the 24th, was Noah’s birthday, so we celebrated at home with whatever family was here.  Then Saturday afternoon we had a party.  It was a Dapper Mustache Bash to be exact.  I have been to several kid birthday parties as well as first birthdays and I have always been impressed by the mom’s who pull them off.  They are a lot of work for the memories to go in the scrapbook.  I had quite the different perspective this time around as the mom of the birthday boy!  Being an artist, I of course, had to make all my decorations.  I had so much fun doing it too.  The only thing I ordered were the cupcake wrappers and some tiny little mustache stickers, everything else I did myself.  I got a serious hand cramp when I cut out 96 mustaches to adorn the cupcakes, but I think it was worth it!  My friend, Anna Bartell (Photography), graciously took these awesome photos for us!  It was so nice to enjoy the party knowing I would have the pictures taken care of!

We had planned to have the party outside, but it poured all week and we were graciously allowed to have the party in our church basement.  It worked out so well!  We had a photo booth, corn hole, bubbles for the kiddos, lunch, cake and presents.  Noah was a champ through the whole thing!  It was pretty hilarious to sing him the birthday song.  He just stared, open-mouthed, at everyone until we were done and then dug into his cupcake.  This was a legit cupcake too – vanilla cake with homemade buttercream frosting!  He knew just what to do with that cake too!  The most chaotic part of the party for me was the opening of presents.  Basically it was me sitting on the floor opening presents with Noah and about 10 other kids.  It was a great time of celebration and we were to happy to have both sides of our family there to celebrate Noah.  I am excited to see what God shows us in Noah’s life this next year!

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  • Great job with the party A + A! Everything was so cute! So hard to believe they are ONE! Andrew, that mustache is pretty legit by the way… 🙂 hahaReplyCancel

    • admin

      Thanks Kaylan! It is crazy they are one! Andrew says thanks. She shaved it off pretty soon after we got home from the party! He looks like Luigi from Mario Bros to me! 🙂ReplyCancel

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