Oceans Full

When I am working in the studio I am always working on commissions and product for shows and art festivals, but I am also trying to work on a couple of personal projects.  The list is quite long of all the pieces and installations I wish I could be doing, but that doesn’t pay the bills.  At least not yet!  In college, our ceramics class was instructed to work on a series of bottles – I am now revisiting that work.  Bottles are a great way to improve skills on the wheel.  It takes a lot of practice and quite a few bad bottles before you start to throw them with some consistency.  They can be tricky because as you start to form the shape, you are compressing the opening of the bottle into a much smaller diameter than the base of the bottle.  In doing so, the rotation of the wheel and the compression of the clay, as you pull and shape it, naturally wants to push clay back down to the base of the pot, creating an uneven and heavy base.  I have made quite a few of these before I got the feel for how to work with the clay and this shape.  Below is a successful bottle I fired about a month ago.  It is light-weight and I love the crystal formations on it!  This is the first bottle in a series I hope to work on soon.  I need to make sure my commissions are finished before I dive too deeply into personal projects.  (I actually have started another tree sculpture as well as a couple of new products; I will work on these when I am up to speed with custom orders.)

I titled this piece Oceans Full because of the crystal formations.  I glazed this piece in copper, cobalt and navy crystalline.  Oceanic colors for sure.  The crystals remind me of schools of fish and clusters of jellyfish.  I actually just entered this bottle into an open call gallery in London:  Beers.Lambert Contemporary.  We shall see how it goes.  If I am selected, my piece will be showing with several other artists for a collaborative show November 14 – December 21, 2013, in London.  I am sure the competition is steep, but I hope to get a shot at it!


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  • This is my favorite piece of yours! I wish you the best!ReplyCancel

  • Michele prince

    It’s wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • Pam

    I really like this! Good luck with your entry….you never know what is possible until you try!ReplyCancel

    • arrynvogan

      Thank you! I look forward to hearing back from them either way.ReplyCancel

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