A New Sculpture

Remember the Jeremiah Tree sculpture?  If you don’t know what I am talking about or just need a refresher, click here.  This sculpture was a part of the international art competition held in Grand Rapids, MI called Art Prize.  You can read more about my time there, here.  I am not entirely sure why I decided to make my first sculpture (the Jeremiah Tree) since most of the work I make is on the wheel.  It was so fun to make and a good challenge for me as an artist, too.  I have been itching to make another sculpture.  It is going to be another tree.  I have a whole series I would love to try to develop.  Space is my issue here, so I don’t know how many of them I will actually get to create at this point in my career.  I still need to come up with a title for this piece so I don’t have to call it “the new sculpture”.  This tree is going to be fully three-dimensional and stand about 2-3 feet tall by about 3 feet wide.  I want to create a river bank tree that has grown out over the water with some crazy and detailed roots.  Yesterday I pieces together my river bank knoll and tree form, and began to alter and shape the tree.  I need to add quite a bit to the root structure, add branches, and bark.  This is just the very beginning, but I wanted to share in the process and give you some images of the work along the way (even if they are just camera phone images).  When this sculpture is completed I am definitely going to enter this into some sort of competition.  I may try for Art Prize again, or perhaps another competition.  I hope you will follow my work as this new sculpture comes to life.

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