A Piece of Home

Good neighbors are a real blessing.  It can definitely be hard to move away from them or have them move out and on to a new place.  Who will move in next?  Are they going to be just a great?  I think these are the questions that my in-laws are contemplating now.  Their next door neighbors are making a big move, out of state to take on a new job (well at least in a new location) and start fresh in a whole new area.  They have become good friends with my in-laws and, I believe, partners in Bible study.  I know they will be greatly missed.

My father-in-law is a coffee connoisseur and even roasts his own beans.  Many cups of coffee and perhaps beans, have been shared between these two couples.  It was through a cup of coffee that Heidi first saw and used one of my mugs with the love-line stamp in it.  (These were the wedding favors to each of our guests.)  Heidi really liked that little boy and girl stamp and I guess my pottery as well.  They are sad to be moving away from my in-laws and wanted something to bring with them to their new home that would be a sweet reminder of their home back in New York and of their neighbors.  I got to meet Heidi and her husband the last time we were in New York for a visit.  In those few moments of conversation with them, I quickly could see what wonderful people they are.  Heidi chatted with me about how she would love to have a vase made, with that love-line stamp in it, to take with them as a reminder.  I felt touched and flattered by the idea.  I finished their vase and it will be making the move with their family in just a little more than a week away.  Many prayers to you and your family as you make your move!  I pray it goes smoothly for you all and you will be greeted in your new home by wonderful new neighbors!

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