Growing Basil

Last month I bought a small basil plant at our grocery store and since then I think it has doubled in size.  It is ready to be transplanted into a larger pot, perhaps one of these.  Since my family and I live in an apartment all “gardening” must happen inside.  My indoor garden currently consists of basil, and that’s it.  Luckily this basil is doing quite well.  It lives on our window sill next to the open window receiving lots of fresh air and sunshine.  Anytime the breeze kicks up the aroma of basil wafts through my home.  The smell of basil is one of my favorite smells in the garden – that and tomatoes growing on the vine.

I made a number of planters a while back and they have been glazed but never fired, so it was time to do so.  I pulled these out of the kiln a while ago and they have since been sitting on my shelf.  I finally pulled out my camera to snap a few pictures of them.  I really like the way they came out.  These make indoor gardening fun.  So much better than your basic terra cotta pot (those, however, can be pretty cute too).  I sit these planters on a clear glass plate, but in the future I plan to throw and glaze a matching plate to catch the water that may drain from the bottom.  Hope you all are enjoying your week.


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