Tiling a Mirror

I realize it has been some time since I last posted on here.  I think the expectations I set for myself have been a bit high since having a baby.  16 months later, I am still realizing that!  Let me briefly catch you up to speed.  Our little family has had a busy start to the fall season.  Young Life is back in full swing for the new school year, I have been working on adding more things to my Etsy shop, creating and selling pieces at local shop Serendipity, throwing on the wheel like crazy, doing some traveling for both Young Life and personal trips, dealing with more issues with my kiln and trying to troubleshoot that, looking for a new studio to move into and also we are expecting our second baby!  I have had a lot to share, but I have lost track of my time to sit down and share it on my blog.  Things are only going to get busier, but I am going to try to stick to a schedule to keep you all up to speed on here.  I will share more with you about my kiln (I may be purchasing a new one soon), the prospect of studio hunting and of course, share more about the new baby on the way.  For right now, I want to share a piece I have been working on and will be completing this week:  a tiled mirror.

These are not your typical square tiles, I wanted to try out circular tiles.  I made my first “wreath-tile mirror” for my spring show in MD.  It sold pretty quickly, which upset a few people.  Since then I got a commission to make another one and I am excited to have all the tiles done for it.  I will set the mirror tonight and figure out the arrangement I plan to set the tiles in.  They are each glazed in a different crystalline glaze.  It makes for a neat mirror to have in your entry way – or really in any room.  The crystal growth on these came out quite nicely!



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