Inside and Out

If you received my newsletter or have been reading my blog, you will have heard that I purchased a brand new kiln!  I am loving it already.  I have yet to really get into a great firing schedule, but I have fired twice and it is so wonderful.  ConeArt kilns are top-of-the line kilns and I have had my eye on them since college.  I can’t believe I now own one for myself!  Tomorrow I will be loading 110 mugs into the kiln for a bisque firing.  I am so anxious to keep up my firing schedule to get orders out the door and be totally done before Christmas hits.  I am feeling a bit stressed about all that needs to be done, but also relieved to know that I have a very reliable kiln to work with – finally!  Here are some shots of my new ConeArt Kiln inside and out.

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  • Andrew

    So excited for the wonderful work this new kiln will help you create! 🙂ReplyCancel

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