En Route

93 mugs were picked up this morning and are on their way to their final destination.  It feels so good to have them out the door and out of my apartment – it was getting a bit crowded in here!  A final 16 mugs will be glaze-fired this week, packed up and mailed out by the weekend to complete the order of 110 mugs!  After Christmas is behind us, I will post a little more about the mug order, but since they are gifts, I don’t want to spoil who ordered them!  I have lots to do in the studio between now and Christmas.  I am finished throwing all work for the year, but I am still glazing a lot of pieces to fill up several more kiln loads.  The pieces I glazed this morning were all crystalline pieces.  I am so excited to do some crystal-programing in my new kiln.  A final load of bisque just finished early this morning and is now cooling.  Tomorrow I am planning to unload the kiln of bisque wares and reload it for a crystalline glaze firing!  Keep your eyes peeled for new things coming out of the kiln this weekend.

Here is a little preview of the back of one of the 110 mugs.

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