A Bowl for Serving

Large bowls, whether for home decor or serving use, never stay very long on my shelf – they move quickly.  You can do so much with a decent sized serving bowl.  I have one of mine sitting on my counter holding squash, potatoes and fruit waiting to ripen.  They make great wedding gifts too, if you can’t think of something in particular!  This bowl was fired last week for a custom order.  The outside of the bowl was glazed in a non-crystalline glossy white and the interior of the bowl was glazed in Ivory Crystalline.  I am sure loving my new kiln!  These crystals came out very nicely.  The look of this bowl feels festive to me as well; like snow falling.   This bowl is all boxed up and will be making its way to the Postal Center this afternoon along with another pile of orders to be sent out the door as well.  I’m getting closer and closer to being done and I am so ready to take a break and soak in some family time this Christmas!  This is my last week of work to tie up all the loose ends!


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