Mini Planters

Originally I had set out to throw more earring trees, since I was nearly sold out, but when I started throwing I realized I didn’t actually cut and wedge enough clay for them to be earring trees.  I started to throw that familiar shape and quickly realized I didn’t have enough clay to make the final pull and shape the pot correctly.  It was still a nice shape and that is how the “mini planter” came about.  Succulents came to mind right away!  I am all about succulents these days, even though I have none.  I would love to have them in my home.  There is really no reason why I can’t, I just haven’t gotten myself any.  Anyhow, I think these mini planters would be awesome with succulents in them or grow some herbs in your kitchen during these winter months.  They make great housewarming gifts as well!    All of these are currently for sale on my Etsy shop.  Stop on by and check them out here.

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