Serendipity: New Products

In the last month I visited Serendipity Boutique here in downtown Exeter, to check in and see how pieces were selling.  I was chatting with the owner and she was asking me about my business and other projects I have been working on, so I shared with her about the 100 count mug order I was working on, that turned into a 110 mug order.  She lit up at that and asked me about my mugs and my particular style.  I shared I like to make my mugs all different sizes and shapes, and glaze each of them differently as well.  She then asked when I was able to, to bring in a dozen mugs for her to potentially sell in her shop.  Luckily I had about a dozen or so mugs already bisque-fired, but not claimed for anything.  I decided I would make those her mugs.  Last week I glazed and fired them and was able to bring them over to Serendipity one evening.  It was pretty exciting.  She took all of them and is now selling them in her shop.  As I unpacked the mugs, a customer in the shop stood near by and watched as everything was unwrapped and set on the counter.  When an ivory crystalline mug made it to the counter she picked it up and said, “this is it, this is my mug”.  It was pretty exciting to sell one before they even made it to display.  Serendipity is now selling earring trees and mugs of mine, including some pretty cute cappuccino mugs and saucers!  We have plans for new things to be sold in there for the new year as well!


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