Cheers to 2014

2013 was a great year.  A lot of wonderful things happened in it, but it was also a very difficult business year for me.  I had a lot of setbacks and money lost.  I feel that most of my year was trying to play catch-up for the lost time, products and money.  It was very trying and frustrating to say the least.  As Christmas began to quickly approach I was determined to get fully caught up on all my work and orders so that I could start a new year completely fresh.  I wasn’t even able to do that in 2013 and I never felt like I was truly set up for success.  This year, 2014, is looking quite a bit brighter and I am excited to see all that comes of this new year.  I have a clean slate starting off this new year in business with some resolutions to work towards as well.

1 – Bible.  One of the first things that came to mind is being more diligent in my devotions and Bible study.  It is something I have let slip this past year, and it only made the tough times all the more harder.  If I am going to keep Christ first, I need to be working towards that daily.

2 – My family.  We are anticipating the arrival of our second little one, May 1 (give or take).  I am all about not being tied to my phone and iPad and I want to keep it that way.  Time with my husband and son are precious to me and I always want them to know they have my attention.  I want to make sure 2014  doesn’t slack in that area and my boys and new baby feel valued and loved by me.

3 – Money.  This is a topic that has brought us much stress and anxiety.  (Who hasn’t felt that?)  God still amazes me at how he continues to provide for our family.  I want to work towards being more frugal with our money and in particular building up our savings towards the purchase of a house.  Our savings has taken a hit through a number of events that have come our way and, well, a ministry salary and an unpredictable artist’s living doesn’t actually proclaim we are “swimming in it”.

4 – Blogging.  I want to get back into a more regular routine of blogging at least twice a week.  In my mind that is enough to keep my blog fresh and up-to-date.  There have been times where I can go up to two weeks without a new post and that starts to eat away at me.  I want to keep my site current and exciting with news and updates on my studio, my work and even my home/personal life from time to time.

5 – Expanding my Business.  I have a lot of great opportunities already in the making this year for business growth and I want to keep that fire burning.  I am hoping to expand through new shows, selling in new shops, selling more in general, marketing and competitions.

I think that is enough on my plate as far as resolutions go.  These will challenge me throughout the year for sure.  I will also keep a to-do list a mile long all through the year as well, that is just how I roll.

Happy New Year everyone and Cheers to 2014!

family with puppy

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  • Happy New Year Arryn and family. WHAT YOU’RE EXPECTING AGAIN??? Congrats!!! I’ve been peaking at all your work online, just haven’t stopped and wrote a comment yet. You’re doing a wonderful job and I’m sure the financial side of things will work itself out. What’s most important is that you’re doing something you love – and you have an amazing family to support you.

    Happy New Year!
    xoxo Meghan & AveryReplyCancel

    • arrynvogan

      Hi Meghan! Thank you so much! Yes, I am expecting again! Pretty wild, but very exciting. I’ve been keeping up with your blog as well. I loved reading the $12 Milk trip…definitely do the same. I loved the picture of Avery with his bandaids. He is such a cutie!ReplyCancel

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