Mugs for Young Life

YL Mugs

Now that Christmas is behind us, I can finally share about the 110 mug commission.  They were made as Christmas gifts for Young Life’s Greater Northeast Region!  It truly was an honor to have been asked to create these mugs.  I had quite the schedule for keeping up with the making of these mugs.  I would throw thirty mugs at a time.  The next day in the studio was spent rolling out clay to make the raised stamping pad for the mugs as well as pulling handles.  When that was completed, I would then wedge out the next thirty mugs for the next day of work in the studio.  I still had to maintain my work load for the rest of my commissions from 2013 and get those wrapped up before the holidays hit.  I was like the white tornado for a month straight in the studio.  I carved out the Young Life logo into a little block of clay and then turned that carving into a clay stamp as seen above.  Each mug was stamped and glazed the same.  It was a big project to take on, but I am so glad I did it!  It was the best feeling to complete them and get them out the door!

If you are unfamiliar with Young Life, you should check out their website here.  Young Life was founded by Jim Rayburn in the 40s, down in Texas.  Young Life’s mission is to introduce teens to Christ, help them know the Lord and encourage them in their relationship with Him.  Young Life is all over our country here in the States as well as in over 90 countries across the globe!  My husband, Andrew, has been working for Young Life full-time now for four years and it is truly an awesome mission to be a part of!  Each of these mugs went out to the staff members and donors of the greater Northeast Region as Christmas gifts, coupled with 4oz of specialty coffee by Beyond Beans.

Also, a huge shout out and thank you to Andrew who so sweetly helped me to assemble and package all 110 mugs!  When completed, they made quite the barricade in our dining room!

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