30 Weeks Pregnant

30 weeks along in my pregnancy has arrived rather quickly for me.  For much of this pregnancy I watched as my belly began to swell and grow and could feel the changes happening in me, while feeling my due date remained a bit of a distance away.  Being pregnant with my second child has been so very different than my first.  With Noah, every little thing and step along the way was a noticed occasion.  This time around, I feel the changes and growth have snuck up on me and have surprised me, to see another week go by or that I am standing farther and farther away from the counter when I am cooking dinner.  My days are packed with caring for a one-year-old and still managing to keep up with my business as a potter.  When I was pregnant with Noah, I soaked in every little moment.  This time around it has been more of a blur.  I really don’t want it to feel like a blur, though I am happy it has moved along quickly for me at the same time.

One way I have really enjoyed the stages of this pregnancy has been keeping up with my weekly “baby bump journal”.  You may remember me posting a weekly image and journal during my whole pregnancy with Noah.  I have been doing the same for this little one, but at a much different pace.  I haven’t always had the time to sit and work on the journal each week, and to be quite honest, when I have had the time it has ended with me snoozing on the couch!  I have been taking the pictures and journaling along the way, but actually creating them has taken some time.  Today I am 30 weeks and am all caught up on my weekly journals!  If you want to scroll through each one, please do.   Weeks 5 through 30 are all posted in a gallery below.  Now you can count down the weeks with me!

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  • Jeanne Beans

    Rejoicing with you for all of your rich blessings.ReplyCancel

  • Monique

    So happy that you shared this journal. What a wonderful family your baby is being born into! God bless all of you!ReplyCancel

  • Michele Radzibaba

    I loved reading your blog about sweet baby Vogan! Cannot wait to meet and get in on the snuggling of the new little one!ReplyCancel

    • arrynvogan

      Thank you! Excited for our little one to come soon and for you to meet him or her as well!ReplyCancel

  • Vickie Davenport

    Thank you so much for sharing your family/profession with us. I love reading your blog and seeing all the great pictures!ReplyCancel

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