A Low Profile


Fresh out of the kiln on thursday – this bowl was just one of the many pieces that were fired.  I am really loving this glaze.  It is a newer one for me and I have been calling it Mocha Crystalline.  I love the range of nut-browns in this glaze as well as the hints of lavender and reds.  Bowls are timeless pieces.  Ironically they are one of the easiest and hardest pieces to throw.  I say this because when you are throwing on the wheel, your clay naturally wants to spread out into a bowl shape.  They are difficult to throw because you have to have real control over the clay and be able to manipulate each pull for even thickness in the walls and keep enough structure at the base of the bowl without the bowl “blowing out” on you as the wheel spins.  It’s comical to me to look back at some of my first bowls, compared to what I am able to throw now.  They were pretty chunky and heavy and rather tall.  I have worked towards the low profile – which really is ideal for table display.  Hope you enjoy this piece as well as your weekend!  A new batch of earring trees will be coming soon, so stay tuned.




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