These succulents, commonly known as hen and chicks, are my favorite plants right now.  I would love to be able to have a garden of my own, but apartment living does not lend itself to that very easily.  Succulents also would not do well outdoors while living in New England, so an indoor succulent garden it is!  I love their range of colors, different natural uses, their hearty leaves (can you tell I am no horticulturist?) and the fact that they are EASY to care for – they can thrive on neglect!  This particular one is an echeveria succulent.  Beautiful!  Echeverias grow in rosettes where one can be cut off from the mother plant and propagated to grow more.  Succulents store water in their leaves and do well planted in  sandy soil where good drainage can occur.  I had this succulent potted in on of my own planters at a local floral shop here in downtown, Exeter – Cymbidium Floral.  I have had three different succulents planted in three different planters of mine now.  I love they way they look!  I have given the first couple away as gifts, but this one I decided to keep for myself…at least for now.  I made these mini planters specifically with succulents in mind and it is so fun to see it put to its intended use.  Each of these planters has a drainage hole at the base of the pot, just above the built-in tray.  I have now completely sold out of these as well as given the remainder away as gifts.  Time to make some more!






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