New Mugs for Colden Coffee

Mike of Colden Coffee, was just one of several customers that were affected by my massive amount of breakage last winter that set me back a great deal!  It took me months to make up the time and pottery that was lost.  It was one of the most frustrating things I have experienced in business so far.  Almost everyone I worked with were rather gracious in allowing me the time to  complete the work.  Mike was among them.  I actually had everything all caught up; work completed in time for this past Christmas season.  I needed to give Mike two more coffee mugs.  I completed them and they came out of the kiln beautifully.  As I was packing them up (just before Christmas) I dropped one on my tiled kitchen floor.  I then just stared at the shattered mug.  Apparently it wasn’t a good idea to try to throw one down on the ground and see if it would bounce!  Delayed once again, and once again Mike was gracious.  Finally, last week he received the final mug he was waiting for, along with three others, for good measure.  It feels good to have them completely done, out the door, and in his hands.  I gave him a mug glazed in my new Mocha crystalline, which was a big hit.  This week in the studio I am working on finishing up two commissions and working hard to get them out the door before this baby arrives.  I am truly feeling like a ticking clock these last couple of weeks!




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