A Baby Story: Greyson Clyde Vogan

On May 1 (my due date) I had my last prenatal appointment with Dr. Browne.  The appointment was scheduled for 8:00am – I think we were her first appointment of the day.  Andrew and I got up and got ourselves ready to go.  My mom had arrived here at our place on the morning of April 21.  Everyone thought I was going to deliver early – but here we were at 40 weeks and still no baby.  Our bags had been packed for at least a week, so we were ready to go at any moment.  Andrew and I left Noah at home with my mom and we left (with our bags…just in case) for the appointment.  Dr. Browne measured me and listened to the baby’s heartbeat – everything was looking good still.  Dr. Browne shared I was 100% effaced and dilated 3.5 cm saying she would be shocked if I didn’t go into labor within the next 24 hours.  If that didn’t happen we could schedule for me to be induced on Tuesday – another 5 days away!  With my history of a big baby and a c-section with Noah, waiting another 5 days would only decrease my chances for a successful VBAC.  Chatting this over with Dr. Browne, we asked what our other options were.  That’s when she said we could have the baby that day if we wanted!  My options were to head over to the family center and have my water broken, labor for a bit, possibly go on piton and just see where labor takes me or I could have a c-section and be holding our baby in just a couple of hours.  What a decision!grey 1Dr. Browne left us to discuss for a bit while she checked in on another patient.  I felt like it was such a hard thing for me to decide.  On one hand, I wanted to really try for a natural birth if I could.  On the other hand, I knew I was loosing my window for natural with each day that passed.  At that point I was just praying for clarity.  Well, clarity came in part when I learned about the staff on call.  Dr. Browne was leaving at noon to start her week-long vacation and it was Dr. Baselice who was in delivery all day.  Dr. Baselice delivered Noah and I had told Andrew if Dr. Browne couldn’t deliver, then I wanted Dr. Baselice to deliver (she was awesome).  Dr Browne had also said if nothing happened naturally by Tuesday (another 5 days away) we could schedule my c-section for then – the choice was up to me.  Andrew and I then decided, “OK, let’s have a baby today”.  We planned to first be sent over to the family center to have my water broken and then just labor and see what happens for a few hours – if need be I would be put on pitocin.  Thankfully, our bags were already packed and in the car, so I waited in the lobby while Andrew went out to the car to get our things.  I called my mom to let her know the plan and she prayed for us over the phone.  I was definitely feeling a little nervous at this point, but it was comforting to know my mom was at our place with Noah.grey 2All checked in at the family center, I was brought to our room and got ready to labor.  Our nurse, Annie, got me hooked up to my IV and fetal monitor.  It was around 9:00am at that point.  Dr. Baselice greeted Andrew and me and said she’d let me labor and then come back in two hours to check my progress.  The baby’s head was only in the -3 position:  so very high up still.  Dr. Baselice also noted I have a low pelvic arch as well as a different pelvic structure.  Instead of a concave surface, my pelvic structure makes a “shelf”.  She said this didn’t mean a natural birth was not possible, but it would make it more difficult for the baby to descend and deliver.  She left saying she would be back in two hours. I think it was the Lord bringing me the clarity I asked for:  when the doctor left, my contractions jumped from nothing, to full-blown active labor.  They were coming 15-30 seconds apart and were very hard and intense.  Nothing quite like I remembered with Noah.  If felt like my body couldn’t quite build to the intensity of them as well as the fact that the contractions were double-peaking.  After 25 minutes of that I looked at Andrew and said, “I don’t want to labor like this for several hours, only to be told I will have another c-section”.  (Plus, I was only given a 50/50 shot at the VBAC.)  We called the nurse and told her let’s go for the c-section.IMG_3592IMG_3595Things moved pretty quickly from there.  Nurses were buzzing around and prepping the OR and me.  Dr. Baselice was in there with me, as well as the anesthesiologist while I continued to labor.  I labored in bad pain for just over an hour when they wheeled my bed into the OR.  Once again, Andrew had to wait until I was fully prepped with my spinal before he could come in with me.  This whole delivery felt pretty different the second time around.  Andrew watched from a wind while I worked through another three painful contractions without him.  That was hard on both of us to not be together.  Dr. Baselice was wonderful, though, and helped me breathe through them as well as helped me sit still while the spinal was administered.  I could feel another contraction climbing and then it just stopped – my legs started to feel funny and then that sweet release came.  The doctors laid me down and started to prep me for surgery.  Once the blue sheets were all up, Andrew was able to join me.  He sat right by my head and held my hand through it all.  Once it was clear I couldn’t feel anything, I heard Dr. Baselice say, “incision”, and then I felt the pressure, pulling and tugging of my surgery.  13 minutes later I heard a cry and Andrew stood up to look at our baby.  The cord was cut and they brought our baby around the side so I could see and said, “It’s a boy”!  I just started laughing and crying.  He was finally here at 12:29pm!grey 3grey 4IMG_4295While the team of medical staff worked to clean me up and sew me back up, Andrew got to be with Greyson as they cleaned him up.  Andrew cut the cord down closer to the clamp and then brought him over to me.  Right away I gave his sweet little cheeks some kisses.  Greyson looked so much like Noah and Andrew to me.  It was a truly amazing feeling to have your heart grow instantly for another little one, not just make room.  I was worried about that before he came along.  Together, Andrew and I just soaked in the moment and marveled at the sweet new life in our arms.  I was so excited for Noah to join us at the hospital and meet his new little brother.  It was a special time for sure!  Noah was pretty enthralled with his brother, but equally as excited to play with all the buttons on my hospital bed!IMG_3662grey 5I spent three nights in the hospital and nearly four full days.  It was a wonderful time of rest and recovery while enjoying just being with Greyson.  (We also enjoyed the killer food at the hospital…seriously so good!)  I think I would have been more anxious to get home had my mom not been with us to take such great care of Noah.  I know the two of them had a special time together.  Andrew also took Noah out for a full day and my mom stayed with me in the hospital so we could hang out as well.  C-section recovery is pretty tough, but I do feel like this time around has been a lot better.  I was a little disappointed to not have a natural birth, but when Greyson was delivered, Dr. Baselice said there was no way I would have been able to deliver him naturally.  He was 9 lbs. 4 oz.  (another big baby).  She said I would have had hard labor the whole time just to end in surgery and that we 100% made the right decision.  I just praise the Lord he and I were kept safe through it all and healthy!  Any future children Andrew and I have will have to be cesarean deliveries, but I am at peace about that.grey 6grey 7Leaving the hospital was bittersweet.  They took such wonderful care of us and it is always a little scary to go home and do it all on your own.  It did, however, feel good to get back home to Noah.  I had missed him a lot while I was in the hospital.  Everyone has told be the jump from one child to two is the hardest.  So, far, I agree.  It has been a challenge for sure, but it has also been really amazing.  Greyson is now one month old and next week we have our 6 week postpartum appointments.  I am looking forward to working out again and to getting back into the studio and throwing on the wheel again – but until then, I am just soaking in this special time (I truly love the newborn stage)!IMG_3723IMG_3726grey 8IMG_3732IMG_3737I already love having two boys!  They are so much fun and I can see a lot of rambunctiousness in the future!  Noah LOVES Greyson and he is always excited to see him.  Andrew and I find ourselves saying “gentle” a lot these days, as well as, “please don’t try to pick him up”!  Welcome to our family Greyson Clyde Vogan, we love you so much!IMG_4473

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  • I can’t believe you guys have two babies! So wonderful! Congrats to you both, you’re such amazing parents and have been so blessed! xoReplyCancel

    • arrynvogan

      I know! I can’t believe it either! Thank you. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Monique Lydia Theall

    Thank you for sharing this. Your growing family is such a delight to read about. May God bless you and keep you…ReplyCancel

  • Pamela Lynch

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing…ReplyCancel

  • Melody Martin

    What a beautiful story. It must have been so affirming to hear that you made the right decision about the C-section. It must have been a difficult choice. Welcome Greyson!ReplyCancel

  • Andrew Vogan

    So proud of you, Arryn Vogan 😀 ! I love our family of four. 🙂 ReplyCancel

  • What a beautiful story! Congratulations! How exciting and what a gift! Praying for so much joy as you adventure on with a family of four!:)ReplyCancel

  • Rita Cecchini Galley

    fun to compare size of a newborn and two year old. great photo, I love it. thanks for sharing the birth story and the pride of being new parents all over again. Tell Noah, Greyson is like a Christmas ornament, very breakable right now & hope that he can understand. love to all of you, Mrs. G ReplyCancel

  • Kelly Mazzeo-Reese

    LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing. Congrats again. Beautiful…ReplyCancel

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