Muscle Memory


I have been back in the studio for two weeks now and it feels so great to be throwing again.  Well, “hurts so good”, really.  My hands, fingers and forearms are a bit sore from being away from working the clay on the wheel.  I am in the works for planning a fall show this year – in NY – and developing my throwing/product list.  When I hit the studio, I basically just start working my way through the list.  I knew my muscle memory would be a bit weak, so I purposely planned to throw the smaller things first and build up toward the larger pieces as my strength rebuilds.  I have been throwing make-up cups, mugs, bowls and earring trees these last two weeks.  I am off to a good start and feeling good about the pieces I hope to have at my fall show.  This piece up above is actually going to be a mug, just need to attach the handle – I tend to be drawn to unique and funky shapes.  I have 500 pounds of clay to work through and I think I will move through it fairly quickly!  Keep following to see what comes out of the kiln!

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