A New Studio (part 1)

Every single time I question, “is this worth it” or “should I keep on going”, doors open for new opportunities.  I know this is from the Lord.  I have spent many hours praying over my business and my work as an artist.  I want to create and work because I love it.  I get encouraged every time I have a new sale or a new commission.  I love doing shows and competing in different art competitions.  I want to keep growing in my work.  There are times where I hit walls – most of them are financial walls.  It is expensive to continue funding clay as a medium.  The upkeep of a kiln is expensive, every firing costs money, clay orders and raw materials for mixing my own glazes are usually several-hundred-dollar orders.  Every so often, I hit this wall, where I do not have the money to order new elements for my kiln (several hundred dollars), but I need to in order to keep firing, in order to keep creating, in order to keep selling.  I often start thinking is this worth the expense to keep pushing through.  I always take this question to the Lord:  Should I keep going?  I need a new studio space to be able to expand and grow the way I need to, but we do not have the money at all for a new studio space.  I don’t know what to do!  Please show me…

I don’t know why I still leave room for doubt, because time after time, God continues to provide in ways that have been so unexpected.  The last way he has provided has been in the form of a new studio!  If you have been following me, then you know a new studio has been on the wish list for a long time now.  Just a few weeks ago I moved into my new space.  New friends have graciously  given me this entire space to call my own in their home, complete with private key entry!  This came out of nowhere and it is so affirming for me to keep going and keep creating.  I can’t wait to fill this new space with new work!  More to come as I get my space all set up.


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  • Elizabeth Cooper

    Yay so exciting, can’t wait to see what new creations you’ll have with all this room to growReplyCancel

  • Pam Lynch

    Great news, Arryn! So excited for you! Being a wife, a Mom, and and artist/business woman is so demanding?…keep creating…it is part of your life’s calling!ReplyCancel

    • arrynvogan

      Thank you Aunt Pam, I would love to sit with a cup of tea or coffee and talk business/life with you. I would love to hear your experience as wife, mother and artist as well since you have done and are still doing these roles!ReplyCancel

  • Alaina Williams Brubaker

    Yayyyyy that is so awesome!! Definitely a clear answer you should keep pursuing this work. Very happy for you:)ReplyCancel

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